Super charging your business with digital transformation and future technologies.

Dr. Tali Rezun Business & Technology Consultant

Digital Advisory

Innovation Consultany Studio

TR Consulting is an innovation consultancy creation studio. Under the leadership of award-winning entrepreneur Dr. Tali Rezun, new brands and products are being build and new technologies such as blockchain are being utilised.

Services Value

TR Consulting services value lies in innovative online strategy tactics, content creation, online brand awareness and blockchain technology. Established by Dr Tali Rezun in 2005, the brand evolved during past 14 years, leaving profound market footprint.

Innovation & Research

Dr. Tali Rezun sought to develop and test a model that could assist companies in developing a successful online marketing presence. Marketers and marketing campaigns can better position company brands in highly competitive new online and social media environment. Following proposed model, marketeers can build online brand exposure more effectively and generate addition sales and revenue to help compete in the demanding marketplace. It will allow managers to continuously track the online marketing process, to manage process relationships, and to more importantly measure their sales performance and to add to and strengthen the fiscal health of the company.


We collaborate with business managers or company owners to create and launch new online brands and boost their online brand awareness.

Online Strategic Consulting

Research & Upgrade

We research the existing business setup and find room for digital brand improvements.

We utilise online data to generate new revenue streams, identify new revenue opportunities, scan the market and develop new online strategies to drive your business. We provide understanding and identifications behind your customer behavior and define critical points leading to conversion.

Data, Research & Descriptive Analytics

Content Creation Studio

We emphasise the importance of professional content and its positive effect on brand visibility and provide the framework for the company to utilise its positive effects on their brands and SEO using social media and high-quality content. Representation of your brand through powerful content equals building the foundations for brand reference and recognition. With over 20 years of content production experience, TR Consulting services include production, execution and publication of; (1) research articles and case studies (i.e. providing the perspective behind brand history, meaning, worth and its correlation to competition); (2) visualization content in the form of photographs and films; (3) audio content, and; (4) social media content.

We devised 5-stage websites building process; (1) design and planning; (2) content design; (3) development; (3) testing; (4) SEO (i.e. system engine optimisation), and; (5) maintenance.

State of the art websites ranked in Google

Innovation & Digital Transformation

The impulse behind the blockchain and cryptocurrency is revolutionary. This new 21-century technology brings online trust, security, privacy, authenticity, synchronize ledger and much more. Under the leadership of Dr. Tali Rezun, TR Consulting experts have technical expertise and provide fast and efficient service to Fintech ICO and IEO projects based on the Ethereum Network; (1) logic, document, token economics and project website creation; (2) online brand positioning; (3) online trust building; (4) blockchain technology solutions, and; (5) token exchange listings.