Dr. Tali Rezun Bio

Head of 4thTech the initiative, UN/CEFACT blockchain expert, researcher, scholar and lecturer

Personal Details

Dr. Tali Rezun started his entrepreneurial career at the age of 18 and grew his business organically until this day. Under the domain of Cotrugli Business School, Tali finished his Business Master (i.e. EMBA) and later in 2018 his Business Doctorate (i.e. DBA). Dr. Rezun specializes in online technologies with focus on brand awareness, web application development and blockchain technology.

“The goal was to develop a model that could assist companies in developing a successful online brand presence and super-charge them with online-brand awareness, digital transformation and future technologies.”

Dr. Tali Rezun is head of the 4thpillar Technologies (i.e. 4thtech) initiative, a lecturer at Cotrugli Business School and resident speaker at Blockchain Adria. His expertise includes blockchain enterprise adoption, digital identity, electronic data and documents exchange, data notarisation and blockchain technology in general. Dr. Rezun also advises organisations and startups regarding blockchain adoption.


In 2017, Dr. Tali Rezun initiated the 4thTech project. 4thpillar Technologies or short 4thTech is the next-gen multi-blockchain ecosystem, platform and a suite of decentralized applications that enable users to exchange metadata, data files and instant messages from wallet to wallet in a secure and decentralized manner. With a charter to establish the foundation for; (1) decentralized digital identity; (2) multi-chain data exchange; (3) digital data notarisation; (4) decentralization of cloud storage, 4thTech initiative strives to enable a self-sovereign framework of data authorization and ownership representation and leverages the power of blockchain to facilitate data source and time confirmation.

From the beginning of 2020, he is a core member of the UNECE project that follows two goals; (1) to develop a framework/mechanism for development and implementation UN/CEFACT blockchain services infrastructure, which will be compatible and in line with other services infrastructure and usable or extendable globally, and; (2) to create a whitepaper on strategy for development and implementation of interoperable global blockchain technology infrastructure, taking into consideration existing standards for implementation of cross border Blockchain infrastructure in an interoperable manner.

Dr. Tali Rezun is also a core team member of the SI-Chain initiative. First national blockchain pilot infrastructure that was established with the support of the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology by the innovative technology company HashNet in cooperation with Telemach, a telecommunication solutions provider. The technology network facilitates transactions and the creation of smart contracts. 4thTech was deployed on SI-Chain as the first application suite, enabling digital identity and secure reliable exchange of documents and data with notarisation across borders and sectors.


Digital technology fascinated him already since 1997 when he managed to build the first working audio digital production studio in Slovenia. The studio enabled the recording of multiple audio tracks and execute precision editing, which was impossible to do at conventional analogue studios at the time. Electronic music and music production remain Tali’s passion until this day. 


“Digital technology is my steady companion now for over 25 years, it enabled me to achieve the desired goals, which would otherwise be unreachable.”

Before diving deep into blockchain technology Dr. Tali Rezun founded an agency with a focus on online brand awareness, online application development and digital content production. Read more: https://online-guerrilla.com/. In May 2018 Adriatic council awarded Dr. Tali Rezun with the Beyond 4.0 award for his dedication, promotion and accomplishment in the field of science, new technologies and innovation for the 4thpillar Technologies blockchain solutions.