26+ years of business experience in 6 different fields of work

“I would like to thank my parents who have given me the foundation, support, and did not clip my wings. I am grateful to my business partners Dusan Lazar and Roman Dobrina who stood by me in the good and bad times. I would like to thank Drazen Kapusta, the principal of Cotrugli Business School who made my doctorate a possibility. Thank you, professor, Dr. Joseph C. Santora for all the dedication and help with the doctorate, and special thanks to Natasa, my better half, who has always been there to support me during my endeavours.”


To all my Friends and Family

Blockchain Recorded Podcast

High value, independent educational Web3 Podcast

“As a true blockchain protagonist, lecturer and researcher, the Blockchain Recorded Podcast fitted my big picture.”

Co-founded by Tali Režun, the podcast focuses on the fundamentals of modern Blockchain technology covering different topics such as decentralised networks, Layer 2s, NFTs, application-layer solutions, blockchain enterprise adoption, DAOs and more.

2021 - present

Dr. Režun was granted an Experts status at United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, where he is a part of the core team of the UNECE CHAIN project, implementing Block Labs solutions as one of the use cases of possible future on-chain digital data and documents exchange.



Block Labs

L1 Secured Immutable dMail & dChat Technology

Block Labs was founded to provide the needed R&D environment, technical support, legal and IP framework behind the future Web3 on-chain communication infrastructure.

2018 - present

In May 2018 Adriatic council awarded Dr. Tali Režun with the Beyond 4.0 award for his dedication, promotion and accomplishment in the field of science, new technologies and innovation.

Adriatic Council

Beyond 4.0 Award


Cotrugli Business School

In 2012, Tali finished his EMBA (i.e. Executive Master of Business Administration) and continued his studies towards his DBA (i.e. doctor of business administration). On his 40th birthday in 2018, Tali defended his thesis in Paris and finish his Business Doctorate, specialising in online brand development and the use of future technologies under the mentorship of professor, Dr. Joseph C. Santora and domain of Cotrugli Business School.

2010 - 2018

In 2015 the talks with multinational company Work Service started regarding strategic partnership, what resulted in one of the most valuable lifetime business experience as all the chapters of multinational acquisition such as; (1) negotiations, (2) detailed forensic due diligence, (3) revisions, (4) acquisition term sheet, (5) acquisition documents: share purchase agreement or SPA, shareholders agreement, share pledge agreement or SHA, future EBIT projections and calculations, shareholders security and voting rights were covered. 

Work Service

Strategic Partner

Lighthouse Group

Investment & Development Company

Established by Tali Režun and partners in 2013, Lighthouse holding strives to find the right investment opportunities. Lighthouse Group Limited operates in three major business areas, business&real estate investments, blockchain development and touristic commodities.

“We put a lot of effort into our creative solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and also building supportive and respectful relations with our partners”

2013 - present

Naton HR is a professional Human Resources agency specialized in executive search, recruitment and temporary employment. In 2012 Tali Režun with partners take over the company and expanded it out of Slovenia, to fulfil the needs of job seekers and companies in a surrounding area. Naton opened branches in Croatia (2013), Serbia (2013), Bulgaria (2014) with plans to expand the business and further offer Human Resources services across Europe.

Naton HR

Human Resources Agency

2012 - 2017
Online Guerrilla

Full-stack Online Brand Awareness Agency

Online Guerrilla is a service provider, that deals with online strategy’s, tactics, content and brand awareness. Established by Tali Režun already in 2006, Online Guerrilla has developed numerous challenging projects over the last 15 years. Online Guerrilla team, offer unique expertise from the fields of online brand awareness, advanced website design, SEO and professional value-added content creation (i.e. professional brand articles, photography, videography, audio production).

2006 - present

Between the years 2004 and 2012, Tali Rezun co-founded and co-managed the biggest motor-home and yacht charter company in the region. “Hisa na Kolesih” was the market leader in the fields of motor-home sales and charter, as it represented 7 motor-home European manufacturers. The company was later sold when migrating into Human Resources sector. With its iconic brand name “Hiša an Kolesih” (i.e. House on Wheels), the brand operates further remaining the region market leader until this day.

Hisa na Kolesih

Charter Company

2004 - 2012
Hipersound records

Music Record Company

Established by Tali Režun and partners in 1999, Hipersound Records was ahead of its time representing the music artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Hipersound Records was the only record company in the region with in-house digital audio and video production at the time. Hipersound records can proudly present a rich pallet of artists such as Srebrna Krila, Novi Fosili, Bjelo Dugme – Alen Islamovic, Neki to vole vruce and many more…

1999 - 2005

Established by Tali Režun in 1997, the Produkcija97 recording studio was the first working digital studio operating in Slovenia, what enabled the recording of multiple audio tracks and execute precision editing, what was impossible to do at conventional analogue studios at the time. Now part of the Online Guerrilla Content Creation Studio, Produkcija97 has been active for more than 25 years.

Produkcija 97

Audio, Foto & Video Content Creation Studio

1997 - present