Dr Tali Rezun

Dr. Tali Rezun is Slovenian, of Slovenian and Jordanian origin. Born in Ljubljana in 1978, he started his entrepreneurial career at the age of 18 and grew his business organically until this day.


23 years of business experience in 6 different fields of work.

Dr. Tali Rezun started his entrepreneurial career at the age of 18 and grew his business organically until this day. Under the domain of Cotrugli Business School, Tali finished his Business Master (i.e. EMBA) and later in 2018 his Business Doctorate (i.e. DBA). Dr. Rezun specializes in online technologies with focus on brand awareness, web application development and blockchain technology. He enjoys the title of lecturer, advisor and UN/CEFACT expert. Currently, Dr. Rezun publishes articles associated with his expertise, serves as a blockchain technology adoption advisor and appears as a guest speaker to the media. Dr. Rezun is also one of the main founders of 4thpillar Technologies (i.e. 4thTech) initiative.

Expanding the Horizont

In 2018, Tali finished his business doctorate (i.e. DBA) under the domain of Cotrugli Business School, specializing in online brand development and awareness while using future digital technologies.


"The goal was to develop a model that could assist companies in developing a successful online brand presence."


TR Advisory

"Supercharging your business with digital transformation and future technologies will provide the needed advantage."

TR digital advisory services value lies in innovative online strategy tactics, content creation, brand positioning and blockchain technology adoption. Established by Dr. Rezun in 2005, the brand evolved during the past 17 years, leaving a profound market footprint.


“My focus goes to developing efficient and effective online applications, technologies, strategy’s and tactics, to ensure strong brand positioning for the desired project.  Discovering new online technologies has given me the means to execute it.”

In Focus

"While the internet is changing, new exiting technologies are emerging, helping us achieve our goals."



"Latest passion is Blockchain with its mind-blowing technology behind it."

“I have started to study Blockchain and its technology in 2016 and I have not stopped since. The idea of a safe, decentralized open system, available for all mankind is just too good to be overlooked. Blockchain with its mind-blowing application will bring the new internet, banking, remittance, IoT and technology revolution. Overwhelmed with blockchain and my professional enterprise career, the idea behind the 4thpillar Technologies (i.e. 4thTech) initiative came to light.”